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Is an Ice Cream Cone a Better Choice Than a Cup?

is an ice cream cone a better choice than a cup

Cup or cone? This is a question we ask ALOT. But how many of us have really thought about the answer? With environmental issues at the top of the agenda, and new single use plastic laws coming into force in the UK in October 2023, there has never been a better time to consider our choices wisely.

Ice Cream in a Cup

We love ice cream in a cup. It just somehow seems more (it isn’t). Pure ice cream, unsullied by the edible addition of a cone. The arrangement of ice cream in a cup, or at least the way we do it, allows for side by side contemplation of different flavours, to mix and match (or not) at will.

But unless you want to stick your nose in it like a trough, the cup is not simply a single item. Necessity does in fact dictate that with a cup comes a spoon. And therein lies the rub; those pesky plastic spoons that are part of a very real problem.

We agree that the spoon is indeed part of the enjoyment of eating ice cream in a cup. From tiny bites to greedy shovels (watch out for those; they can be the fast track to an ice cream headache) you have full control over the proceedings. With a cone, you are at the mercy of your tongue and (possibly sensitive) teeth. There is of course always the option of a cone PLUS a spoon but quite frankly that is just cheating 😉

Finally, with a cup, there is far less chance of the ice cream running down your arm / sticky hands scenario. That said, tiny hands (as in children, not actual tiny hands) may find it easier to hang to a cone.

An Ice Cream Cone

And then there’s the cone…the ultimate waste-free option. Which only requires one hand. Y’know, so you can still hold your phone in the other. Obvs.

The ice cream cone is the joyful stuff of summer dreams and sunshine memories. It is right up there with unicorns and rainbows.

Yet the best thing of all is that you can eat it. Sure, it tastes great and brings that all important element of crunch to the proceedings. And there is literally nothing cooler (or Insta-friendly) than an ice cream cone. But when it comes to chucking stuff away, apart from a sliver of paper napkin there is nothing left to throw away. You can just move on, and get on with your day. Sounds like a win, right?

Cup vs Cone

Ultimately, the choice really does come down to personal preference, yet there are times when you absolutely need to choose a cup. Because a cone is not vegan. Or gluten-free. We are still working on this yet have failed to find a solution that we are happy with, and would much rather offer a cup than a cone that doesn’t meet our standards.

Our ice cream cups are all made of cardboard so are fully recyclable, and we have been championing compostable spoons for some time now. Last summer we faced considerable backlash when we stopped offering tasters in an effort to cut down on spoon wastage. We have now reversed that decision as it was in direct conflict with our ethos of individual customer service. The jury though is still out, and we continue to try and find ways around a tricky issue.

The bottom line here is that yes, in terms of championing zero waste, choosing a cone for your ice cream may be the way to go.

Why not explore our range of cups and cones? There really is something for everybody, and we continually make every effort to increase the sustainability of our products.