Gelateria & italian cafe at the heart of Richmond, LONDON

OUR italian ice cream

Nothing says Richmond quite like Danieli ice cream.

Produzione propria artigianale

That means not only do we make our gelato on site, but we make it from scratch. Now that’s amore.

authentic italian gelato in a cone


We never skimp on our ice cream, and that drive for quality has not gone unnoticed.

Gelato connoisseurs travel great distances to experience Gelateria Danieli’s unique flavours, and Time Out awarded us a full 5-star rating, crowning Gelateria Danieli ‘best takeaway ice cream in Greater London’.

Top restaurants across the capital stock our product and even our late Queen Elizabeth couldn’t resist the vanilla, which was served at her 80th birthday celebrations in Kew Gardens.

it’s all about the milk

We get fresh milk delivered daily from a small independent farm on the Sussex/Kent border.

This is old school, proper non-homogenised milk from happy grass fed cows.

Because quality milk makes quality ice cream.

a splash of milk

raspberry ripple ice cream in a pot

our ice cream flavours

We have 24 flavours in our Brewers Lane gelateria and, during summer, we also have 18 flavours just along the lane in Danieli on the Green.

The flavours are written on the chalkboard outside of each shop. We do try our very best to keep the boards updated, but in peak busy season this can prove super difficult. So we thank you in advance for your patience.

Many of our flavours are firm customer favourites, so we try to keep them stocked up at all times. Others are one offs and seasonal specials.

cup or cone?

Explore our range of cups and cones.

Danieli ice cream cones and cups

a pile of plastic ice cream spoons


We are sorry but we no longer offer ice cream tasters.

This was not an easy decision to make, and an even harder one to enforce, as we really do not like to disappoint. Our customers have been very supportive and for that we thank you.

The aim is to keep contact points to a minimum as well as reduce our amount of plastic waste. We have recently switched to compostable spoons, yet keeping their use to a minimum is still the ideal.

And, if we are honest, it keeps the queues moving at busy times.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.