1 scoop gelato

Unlike traditional ice cream, which has a high fat content (typically 15-25%), Danieli’s Italian Gelato has a range of only 5-10% fat, depending on the flavour. Our fruit gelato is actually sorbet – but not the icy, bland sorbet you might expect: made with 100% fresh fruit, it’s soft, creamy and luxurious.

Danieli frozen yoghurts are created with the health conscious in mind – we blend the finest organic yoghurt with delicious fruits to create a low sugar, low fat treat.

Bridget is on hand for nutritional advice: she even mentions Danieli in her book, Six Pack Chick. Thanks to Bridget’s nutritionist background, Danieli’s Gelato is not only delicious, but healthy too! With options to suit dairy free, nut free, egg free and gluten free there is an ice cream for EVERYONE.


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