Gelateria & italian cafe at the heart of Richmond, LONDON


What could be better than a stroll around the beautiful borough of Richmond, coffee in hand, and perhaps a little something sweet?  Or, if you prefer to take the weight off, we have limited seating inside as well as outdoor seating overlooking Richmond Green.

A friendly face is never a bad thing either, so we are always ready for a good old chat when you are. Service with a smile should never be an optional extra. 

PROPER Italian coffee

Italian coffee shop in richmond

Here at Danieli, we prefer our coffee beans to be dark and robust. Many cafes are switching over to a medium roast coffee, so if you always find yourself asking for an extra shot then that may be the reason why. Great Italian coffee lives and dies by its beans, with the perfectly rich yet smooth espresso as the starting point for every cup.

We grind our beans to order and make all of our coffees with care on our lovely old manual machine. Just the right amount of acidity counterbalances the rich dark roast and allows the character of the coffee to shine through. The way it was meant to. Whether that’s the wake up call of a bold yet smooth espresso, the simple comfort of a long milky latte, or a silky smooth cappuccino. 

Did you know that Italians don’t put chocolate on top of a cappuccino? That’s why we always ask. 

Don’t do dairy? Not a problem. We have oat, almond and soya alt-milks at the ready…

Italian Thick Hot Chocolate

Thick Italian hot chocolate

Not just about real Italian coffee, Danieli is famous for its thick Italian hot chocolate too.

Fifteen years ago, as an alternative to the thin milky hot chocolate found in the UK, we developed our own thick Italian hot chocolate recipe. Dark, decadent, and thick enough to stand your spoon in, it is made with single-origin chocolate from Uganda. We make it with milk so it is rich and creamy as well as deeply chocolatey.

Thick vegan hot chocolate

Because we use exceptional quality dark chocolate as the base of our hot chocolate it can easily be made vegan. Just ask for your plant-based milk of choice and enjoy your thick vegan hot chocolate. You’re welcome.

Handmade Sicilian Cakes

Handmade Sicilian cakes

Our pasta di mandorle are Richmond’s best kept secret. Sssh!

These little Sicilian cakes are a bit of a national obsession in Carlo’s birthplace of Randazzo, Sicily. So, when we were looking for just the right product to expand our range, he declared ‘let’s make our own!’. And so began another local institution. 

Using the finest nuts grown by two brothers in Bronte, Sicily, Carlo set out to do just that. You may have seen him through the shop window, labouring away in a cloud of icing sugar. After a few comedy attempts and a lot of taste testing we now produce 1,000 of these authentic Sicilian treats every week. 

The original pasta di mandorle are made with almonds, but we also have pistachio, walnut, and hazelnut versions too. More of a biscuit than a cake, these little cakes are just the right size when you want something sweet to go with your coffee. 

We also have some of the best pandoro and panettone you have ever tasted. Enjoy a slice with a coffee or thick hot chocolate, or just wolf it down on the way to work. We won’t tell. And then, when you can’t stop thinking about it, come back for a gift-wrapped, beautifully be-ribboned whole.