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salted caramel ice cream

A scoop of salted caramel ice cream

A smooth caramel based ice cream with Maldon sea salt.

Can I eat this?

Suitable for vegetarians.

No hydrogenated fats, GMO, or artificial ingredients.


Danieli salted caramel gelato contains the following allergens…


Please be advised that whilst we make every effort to control allergens, cross contamination may occur and traces of allergens may be present in all flavours.

make mine a double

chocolate hazelnut gelato in a cone

We think salted caramel ice cream goes particularly well with…chocolate hazelnut ice cream. The chocolate rounds out the sweetness of the caramel whilst the salt lifts the flavours of the hazelnuts. Win win.

I’ll try a triple

peanut butter gelato in a cone

strawberry gelato in a cone

A triple scoop is an opportunity to create the perfect combo of flavours. Add a scoop of peanut ice cream and a scoop of strawberry ice cream for a salty, peanutty, jammy flavour bomb.

about salted caramel ice cream

Salted caramel is one of our most requested flavours and it goes with pretty much everything. It may seem like salted caramel has been a thing (THE thing) forever but it hasn’t actually been around for that long. The whole point of adding salt to caramel, other than creating that sweet/salty flavour profile that we can’t get enough of, is to enhance the flavour of the caramel. So it figures that salted caramel ice cream helps to enhance other ice cream flavours too.

Our salted caramel gelato is smooth, with the caramel running right through the base (as oppose to a ripple style ice cream). It has a super soft texture as the salt lowers the freezing point.