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mint choc chip ice cream

A scoop of mint cho chip ice cream

A cool mint ice cream with dark chocolate chips.

Can I eat this?

Suitable for vegetarians.

No hydrogenated fats, GMO, or artificial ingredients.


Danieli mint choc chip gelato contains the following allergens…


Please be advised that whilst we make every effort to control allergens, cross contamination may occur and traces of allergens may be present in all flavours.

make mine a double

stracciatella gelato in a cone

We think mint choc chip ice cream goes particularly well with…stracciatella. Mint is one of our favourites but it can be hard to balance with other flavours.

I’ll try a triple

a scoop of coconut ice cream in a cone

a scoop of chocolate ice cream in a cone

A triple scoop is an opportunity to create the perfect combo of flavours. A scoop of coconut and a scoop of chocolate match well with mint without being overpowered.

about mint choc chip ice cream

Mint choc chip ice cream is the cooler sister of stracciatella. Made with the same sweet cream base, and layered with ribbons of dark chocolate that crack into shards, but with a hit of icy mint.

An appreciation of mint choc chip is a lifelong love affair. Chances are if you caught the bug in childhood, then nothing else will do.

Our mint choc chip delivers an icy blast of mint, in a creamy yet cool gelato. We drizzle in melted dark chocolate, in the traditional way, that sets as it cools. Folded through, it creates deliciously random shards ready to be discovered as they crack on the tongue.