Gelato, coffee, and fine chocolates in the heart of Richmond, LONDON

coffee ice cream

A scoop of Danieli coffee ice cream

A coffee based ice cream made with our own rich Italian roast coffee.

Can I eat this?

Suitable for vegetarians.

No hydrogenated fats, GMO, or artificial ingredients.


Danieli coffee gelato contains the following allergens…


Please be advised that whilst we make every effort to control allergens, cross contamination may occur and traces of allergens may be present in all flavours.

make mine a double

A scoop of Danieli lemon sorbet in a cone

We think coffee ice cream goes particularly well with… lemon sorbet. A classic Italian combination, the lemon enhances the coffee and awakens the palate.

I’ll try a triple

salted caramel ice cream in a cone

a scoop of hazelnut ice cream in a cone

A triple scoop is an opportunity to create the perfect combo of flavours. Salted caramel brings a sweet salty dimension to the intensity of coffee, and hazelnut gives the whole thing a pleasingly nutty edge.

about Coffee ice cream

Ah, coffee ice cream. That great divider. If you think you don’t like coffee ice cream then maybe give ours a go. We make it with our own rich smooth espresso so it is perfectly balanced; strong enough and not too sweet. As with most gelato, the texture is creamy but because it is made with milk it is cool not cloying.

For the ultimate pick me up, why not try un affogato with a scoop of coffee ice cream and a shot of espresso. Or go for a caffe frappe which is a thick coffee milkshake with an extra shot of espresso.