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bakewell tart ice cream

A scoop of bakewell tart ice cream

An almond based ice cream swirled through with cherry compote and biscuit pieces.

Can I eat this?

Suitable for vegetarians.

No hydrogenated fats, GMO, or artificial ingredients.


Danieli bakewell tart gelato contains the following allergens…


Please be advised that whilst we make every effort to control allergens, cross contamination may occur and traces of allergens may be present in all flavours.

make mine a double

crema siciliana ice cream in a cone

We think bakewell tart ice cream goes particularly well with…crema siciliana. The creamy citrus contrasts perfectly with the slightly sour cherry.

I’ll try a triple

vanilla gelato in a cone

frozen yoghurt and fig in a cone

A triple scoop is an opportunity to create the perfect combo of flavours. Try creamy classic scented vanilla alongside sharp yet sweet yoghurt and fig.

about Bakewell Tart ice cream

Our good friend Matt came up with this one many moons ago and it has been a firm customer favourite ever since. Almond and cherry ice cream are the perfect combination so you get the best of both worlds in one scoop with our Bakewell tart ice cream.

The almond ice cream has a pronounced almond flavour, offset by the sweet yet slightly sharp cherry compote. You may find the odd piece of crunchy buttery biscuit.

Did you know that amarena are a variety of wild black cherry found in Italy? More acidic, and usually bottled in syrup, they have become synonymous with cherry gelato. The Italian word for cherry is actually ciliegia.