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Almond ice cream

A scoop of almond ice cream

An almond based ice cream swirled through with chocolate crunch.

Can I eat this?

Suitable for vegetarians.

No hydrogenated fats, GMO, or artificial ingredients.


Danieli almond gelato contains the following allergens…


Please be advised that whilst we make every effort to control allergens, cross contamination may occur and traces of allergens may be present in all flavours.

make mine a double

salted caramel ice cream in a cone

We think almond ice cream goes particularly well with…salted caramel ice cream. The salty notes pair perfectly with the full flavour of almond.

I’ll try a triple

crema siciliana ice cream in a cone

coffee gelato in a cone

A triple scoop is an opportunity to create the perfect combo of flavours. How about a the sunny citrus of crema siciliana alongside the creamy yet subtly bitter depth of coffee ice cream?

about almond ice cream

Nutty ice creams are a staple of Italian gelaterie. Because of their high natural nut content they can be surprisingly dense and firm.

Our almond ice cream has an intense almond flavour that comes only from real almonds. Imagine really good homemade marzipan and you are on the right track. The swirl of chocolate breaks it up with another layer of flavour whilst the crunch adds well, crunch.

Almonds are of huge culinary significance across Italy, especially in desserts, and Sicilian almonds are recognised as amongst the best in the world. Look out for our almond granita in summer, as well as our own handmade pasta di mandorle; a traditional Sicilian treat to enjoy with coffee.